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Kids In Africa



To ensure that endangered wildlife and wild places do not perish from the earth. A world where nations defend and protect their endangered wildlife and wild places. A world where sustainable human development secures wildlife and wild places and makes them an integral part of the cultural and economic assets of the nation.


We are a direct-action service provider to sovereign nations.  We provide innovative counter-poaching technologies that are used by national park rangers to gain a tactical advantage against poachers before they kill endangered wildlife. 

We work with established in-country NGOs and non-profit organizations to provide sustainable rural community empowerment through educational programs, local artisan development programs, weekly fresh meat drops to counter bush-meat harvesting, and clean water infrastructure projects.


​We value education to create awareness of the negative consequences of poaching on the environment, biodiversity, human health, and as a means to create economic opportunities for rural communities.

We value respect for each individual that we work with; employees, vendors, suppliers, NGOs and Non-profits, community members, government officials, and acknowledge that each individual has a valuable role to play in order for us to achieve our mission and bring our vision to fruition.

We value technology for the good it brings to counter poaching, as well as to enable us to achieve our community empowerment objectives.

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