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Africa Desert


As a direct-action non-profit organization (NPO), IWDF stations its personnel in-country with permission from the host nation and hires locals to provide administrative, operations, and security support. This provides an economic benefit to the communities in the area/s where we operate.

IWDF provides a fleet of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) and services to sovereign nations in direct support of anti-poaching field operations conducted by their national park and game reserve rangers.  


Each UAV has different flight, payload, endurance (time in the air), sensor packages, marking systems, voice hailers, spotlights, and command and control capabilities. The mix of UAVs in our fleet allow us to fly rapidly and at great distances over open and semi-open terrain, deploy drones that can hover quietly near the top of jungle or forest canopies, or operate quietly in urban areas. All of our UAVs have the ability to provide operators with live streaming video, in real-time, from color day or night Infrared camera sensors, to provide operators with situational awareness about what is around them, and out in front of the them from distances as far away as 25-miles. The live video allows teams to see other friendly forces, animals that may be a poacher’s target, and potential poachers in the area of operation.

IWDF pilots embed with national park ranger Quick Reaction Forces (QRFs) and Special Response Teams (SRTs) that are part of the national park ranger forces who track potential poachers.  
Initially, IWDF personnel will launch, fly and recover the UAVs.  This allows IWDF and the host nation to capture quick anti-poaching wins in the first year that IWDF is present in the host nation. Subsequently, IWDF will train a small, select, and trusted cadre of rangers to become pilots and technicians and gradually hand-over flight operations and maintenance to host nation ranger personnel.

IWDF provides all of the UAV fleet hardware, software, spare parts, maintenance and repairs, as well as technical training and pilot flight training, in the classroom and in the field to a small, select, and trusted cadre of rangers.  

IWDF believes that community empowerment plays a key role in the long-term solution to wildlife conservancy

IWDF conducts its business with the host nation using a no-cost, no-fee services contract that has an initial 3 year term, with 2 year renewal extension to the contract.

If you are a member of a sovereign nation government, and wish to discuss this program with us, IWDF would welcome your inquiry.  Please contact us.  

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